Ecosystem Pie Model

The toolkit for the qualitative modeling of innovation ecosystems

Toolkit for innovation ecosystem modeling

To achieve a complex value proposition, innovating firms often need to rely on other actors in their innovation ecosystem. This raises many new challenges for the managers of these firms. However, there was not yet a comprehensive approach that would support managers in the process of analysis and decision making on ecosystem strategy. In our Long Range Planning article (see here), we developed a strategy tool to map, analyze and design (i.e., model) innovation ecosystems. From the scholarly literature, we distilled the constructs and relationships that capture how actors in an ecosystem interact in creating and capturing value. We embedded these elements in a visual strategy tool coined the Ecosystem Pie Model (EPM) that is accompanied by an online appendix that with extensive application guidelines (see here)

Ecosystem modeling guidelines

As an online appendix to the Long Range Planning article, we have composed guidelines that outline the architecture and application of the Ecosystem Pie Model: